Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is the vision of this scheme?

Answer: Cybersecurity Research Development Programme (RDP) initiative of CySecK is aimed at achieving the following objectives:
• Provide financial and academic support to active researchers to foster and promote R&D in the emerging field of cybersecurity.
• Utilise tremendous talent and potential of engineering faculty and students in tackling cybersecurity issues
• Deliver positive impact in improving the quality of technical education
• Promote research in institutions beyond top tier colleges

Question 2: What’s the expected outcome from us on this research? Vision of this scheme

Answer: R&D projects that are innovative, address a specific market need or challenge; demonstrate high industrial relevance and potential for application and most importantly, address current and envisioned needs of the digital communities in India.

Question 3: Should the proposals submitted be based on a thought process or does it necessarily have to be implemented?

Answer: Both pure play academic research proposals and ones with potential for industrial implementation are invited.

Question 4: What are the facilities that should be there in our college in order to execute cybersecurity project ?

Answer: Basic Engineering IT lab infrastructure is necessary to apply. Any additional infrastructure requirements specific to proposed research activity will be funded by the programme.

Question 5: How can I update myself with the Cyber Security top concerns ?

Answer: You can access curated cybersecurity related content on the CySecK website
We will also be publishing monthly newsletters on latest cybersecurity related news and events. Request you to watch this space for further details.

Question 6: Is it compulsory to have Industry collaboration?

Answer: No. It is not necessary to have industrial collaboration.

Question 7: We are planning for a research proposal on Security for HPC which involves higher budget. Will CySecK support such projects.

Answer: CySecK shall support technically meritorious cybersecurity R&D projects based on the reccomendation of the panel of experts.
An initial grant of up to Rs 2 lakh would be awarded to selected projects in the first year, followed by a second round of funding of up to Rs 10 lakh to the top-performing projects from the initial group in the second year.