H.A.C.K. – Program

Past Events

DateTitleMentor nameYouTube video
Oct 11, 2020The opportunities and challenges of cybersecurity engagements with government entitiesVipin Singh
Sep 27, 2020Elevator pitch for your cybersecurity product or services to a CISOSridhar GovardhanView
Sep 12, 2020 Funding Aspects for Cybersecurity Startups Arun Raghavan View
Aug 30, 2020 Understanding Legal Basics for Cybersecurity startups Sandeep Kapoor View
Aug 16, 2020 Lessons learned from incubation to acquisition – A Cybersecurity Startup CEO Story. Vishwas Manral View
Aug 02, 2020 How to build a cybersecurity startup targeting the Indian market? Rajesh Mony View
Jul 19, 2020 Engineering challenges in building cybersecurity startups Pradeep Banavara View
Jul 05, 2020 Leveraging ML & AI by Cybersecurity Startups: Technical & Business Challenges Dr. Ashish Kundu View
Jun 21, 2020 Branding for Cybersecurity Startups Anand Peter View
Jun 06, 2020 Intellectual Property for Cybersecurity Startups JK View