Career Guidance

Cybersecurity is a growing industry that offers plenty of opportunities for fresh graduates and professionals. A career in cybersecurity is as rewarding as it is equally demanding. Cybersecurity professionals are in demand worldwide due to the vast gap between the number of existing cybersecurity professionals and the cybersecurity challenges faced daily.

Career guidance is an essential element of the skill building initiative of CySecK. CySecK has conducted Cybersecurity career guidance sessions for engineering students at different colleges of Karnataka.

In pursuit of the objective of skilling and capacity building in Cybersecurity, CySecK invites interested/dedicated/experienced persons to conduct career guidance sessions for graduate/postgraduate students in Karnataka. Please click here to submit the details.

The career guidance sessions should provide students with insights into the various options in the field of cybersecurity and look beyond traditional options.

The selected trainers would be awarded standard honorarium for each session conducted as per CySecK honorarium framework.

Training typeScheduled hours of trainingHonorarium
Career in cyber security2 hrs₹ 4,000