Digital Defenders Cybersecurity Masterclass and Capture the Flag (CTF) Competition 2023

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CySecK, Cisco, and CNI-IISc congratulate the winners of the Digital Defenders Cybersecurity Masterclass and Capture the Flag (CTF) Competition 2023:

About the CTF Competition

This Capture the Flag (CTF) competition is being organized by CySecK- the K-Tech Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security – in association with the Centre for Networked Intelligence (CNI) (located in the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru) and Cisco Systems India Pvt. Ltd. The aim of this CTF is to promote awareness of cybersecurity and to guide and train young adults currently pursuing technical education in different types of cybersecurity violation scenarios.


  1. Only Indian nationals who are resident in India and are studying full-time in a Diploma (after 10th), Bachelor’s or Master’s course of study at a College/Institute located in India are eligible to participate.
  2. Participants must have an active Indian bank account in their name.
  3. Primary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary school students are NOT eligible to participate in this CTF competition.
  4. Ph.D. students are also NOT eligible to participate in this CTF.
  5. Working professionals are NOT eligible to participate in this CTF competition as it is restricted only to full-time students.
  6. This CTF is specially focused only on beginner to intermediate-level participants.
  7. It is mandatory to be a full-time active student in any College/Institute as on 1st May 2023 to be eligible to participate. This will be verified by the organizers.
  8. Participants would be required to upload a scanned copy of their Student ID Card in PDF format (file size not exceeding 500 KB) at the time of registration.
  9. Participants may be subjected to verification of their student status at any time during the course of the competition by the organizers, and any decision taken by the organizers on their eligibility in this regard would be final and binding.
  10. This is an individual competition and participants will be allowed to take part only in their individual capacities. Group participation is NOT allowed.

Scheme of Events

Closure of Registrations: 11:59 PM on Sunday, 4-June-2023
Samgacchadhwam Series Webinars (and Assessments): 5-June-2023 to 27-June-2023

During this period, participants would need to attend webinars that would be delivered by technical experts from Cisco and bi0s on the following topics:

  • Web Application Security
  • Network Security
  • Cryptography
  • Forensics

The Top 500 participants would then be selected for the CTF based on their scores in the assessments that follow the Samgacchadhwam webinar series. No correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

Capture the Flag Introductory Session: Wednesday, 5-July-2023

Capture the Flag (CTF) Competition: 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, 6-July-2023, to 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, 9-July-2023 – a total of 76 hours.

Selected participants would then be invited to participate in the Capture the Flag Competition (CTF), which would run on an automated platform for 76 hours continually.

Toppers will have to share a writeup after completion of the CTF, and an interview will be conducted. The winners of the CTF competition would be announced in the first/second week of July 2023.

The decision of the organizers will be final and binding. No claim or correspondence by participants in this regard will be entertained.


Top candidates will be considered for Internship opportunities at partner organizations. Short-listing for an internship would involve meeting of additional pre-requisites by the candidate, and will solely be at the discretion of the partner organization, whose decision in this regard will be final. 

In addition, there would be a total of 25 prizes on offer for the participants totalling to a value of Indian Rupees (INR) 4,00,000/- (Four Lakhs only), as explained below:

PrizePrize Nos.Prize Value (INR)Prize Components
First340,000/-Raspberry Pi + Voucher for HackTheBox
+ INR 25,000/- only cash.
Second525,000/-Raspberry Pi + Voucher for HackTheBox
+ INR 10,000/- only cash.
Third715,000/-Raspberry Pi + Voucher for HackTheBox
Participation105,000/-Raspberry Pi
  1. The prizes will be distributed only after suitable verification requirements are met by the participant.
  2. The decision on the eligibility for award of a prize lies at the discretion of the organizers, and shall be final and binding.