Welcome to Cyber Awareness Quiz-1

A certificate of achievement can be downloaded at the end of the quiz by those who score 50% or above.

Question 1: App permissions in your mobile phone can cause trouble as some apps may secretly access your OTPs or details of contacts from your phone

Question 2: Keeping which of the following functionalities activated all the time can cause serious threat to the security of your mobile phone?

Question 3: Which of the following password is more secure?
Question 4: Is any website whose URL starts with https safe to access?
Question 5: Which of the following can be considered as a cyber crime as per Indian IT Act?
Question 6: Is violation of privacy a cyber crime as per Indian IT Act?
Question 7: Smishing is a type of attack done over
Question 8: Which among the below is not a correct example of multi-factor authentication?
Question 9: You have received an email purportedly from Flipkart regarding a discount offer for a product with a link provided. What should you do about it?
Question 10: Is it safe to download movies from the torrent and other such free sites?

Question 11: If you are an Android user, which of these sources are safe to install apps / games?

Question 12: Which of the following details can be shared over phone whenever you receive calls stating from banks or any other support team?
Question 13: Is it safe to share intimate images of yourself to known people on WhatsApp?
Question 14: Is it safe to install a pen drive that you find on the roadside directly in your system?
Question 15: You have made friendship with a stranger online. After some time, the person asks for your personal details. Is it safe?
Question 16: _____ helps to keep your social media accounts safe and secure
Question 17: What is cryptojacking?
Question 18: When you handover your mobile phone for repair, the repairer will be able to access your private data, like photos. True / False?
Question 19: What are the scenarios where it is acceptable to share your password with a colleague?
Question 20: Is it safe to click on shortened URL links such as or
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