Webinar on "Holistic endpoint security" - Samgacchadhwam Series webinar 17
Date/s: 2020-07-15 17:00:00
Partners: McAfee

CySecK – as part of Samgacchadhwam series of webinars – is conducting a free webinar for students / faculty / working professionals on the topic “Holistic endpoint security”. This webinar is in partnership with McAfee.

Brief introduction of the topic:

The “Holistic End-point Security” Webinar will enable the participants to be aware of the Software Security eco System, the Importance of Endpoint Security & the Threat landscape around the same.

We will be imparting knowledge around the Attack points, Endpoint Security Models , finer elements of the model and best practices (from a common endpoint user standpoint). We will touch upon the Security Concerns & Desired outcomes from an Enterprise Security view.

We will educate the participants around McAfee Endpoint Security Suites, how the suite is critical in protecting our customers & how it has evolved over time;  we will be covering Advanced Threat Defense Mechanisms, Vulnerability Management / Compliance and talk about the Next Generation Security Technologies and products like EDR (End-Point Detection & Response).


Engineering Under graduates with a high level understanding of Software Security and ones  who are interested in learning about the 101 of Endpoint Security and the future of proactive software security eco-system and trends.

Note: Those who clears assessment will be provided a certificate of achievement & who could not take the assessment will be provided a certificate of participation.