Quiz – Dec 2021

Welcome to the Cyber Security Quiz
Note: All fields and questions are mandatory.

1. Which of the following passwords is more secure?
2. How to protect yourself from cyber bullying?
3. Which of the following is a common example of a "phishing" attack?
4. Spyware is software that is installed on a computer without the consent of the user and monitors usage.
5. Smishing is a type of attack done over
6. You have received an email purportedly from Flipkart regarding a discount offer for a product with a link provided. What should you do about it?
7. Which of the following details can be shared over phone whenever you receive calls stating from banks or any other support team?
8. _____ helps to keep your social media accounts safe and secure
9. What are the scenarios where it is acceptable to share your password with a colleague?
10. Which among the below is not a correct example of multi-factor authentication?
11. Is it safe to download movies from the torrent and other such free sites?
12. If you are an Android user, which of these sources are safe to install apps / games?
13. Is it safe to install a pen drive that you find on the roadside directly in your system?
14. If your email account is hacked, you ______
15. You receive a latest update about Omicron Corona Virus on WhatsApp and you _____