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Day 1Introduction to cyber security
1 Why Cyber Security:
1.a Explaining different famous attacks that has happened, including STUXNET on Iran nuclear plant, SONY, YAHOO attack, UBER attack and the loss/impact they had due to the attacks.
2 Types of hackers/attackers:
2.a Hacker types (Black hat, White hat, Grey hat, Script kiddies)
2.b About hacking groups (Anonymous, Lazarus, Lizard squad, LulzSec)
2.c Top world hackers and their crimes (Kevin Mitnick, Jonathan James, Albert Gonzalez, Gary McKinnon and Julian Assange)
3 What is Cyber Security:
3.a Explanation and demonstration of what we protect (Data & Infrastructure) and how we protect (through controls).
3.b Explanation about various security standards, laws and regulations that are being followed.
4 How attacks happen:
4.a Explanation about vulnerability, types, affected platforms
4.b Common Vulnerability Exposure walkthrough and other major vulnerability walkthrough
Make research on any 5 vulnerabilities and prepare a report of the vulnerability
Make research on any 3 cyber-attacks and prepare a report of how the attack was performed (i.e., details of the flaws), the loss occurred and what was compromised.
There would be viva taken on the submitted reports.