Webinar on "Security at the hardware level" - Samgacchadhwam Series webinar 13

Date/s: 17 Jun 2020

Venue: Zoho

Organising Partners: Center of Excellence in Cyber Security, GoK

CySecK – as part of Samgacchadhwam series of webinars – is conducting a free webinar for students / faculty / working professionals on the topic “Security at the hardware level”. This webinar was conducted by Prof. Rajshekar K, Indian Institute of Technology Dharwad

Brief introduction of the topic: This webinar will discuss security at the hardware level. We will talk about both the threat of compromised hardware, as well as security techniques that are made possible through trusted hardware. We will work towards high level intuitions behind the various avenues along which research is being conducted in this area.

Pre-requisites for participation: Basic understanding of Chip Design, Computer Organization, and Operating Systems.

Date : 17th June 2020

Time : 5:00 to 6:30 pm

Speaker: Prof. Rajshekar K, Indian Institute of Technology Dharwad