Webinar on DevSecOps- Lets Start - Part 1 - Samgacchadhwam Series - 38

Date/s: 12 May 2021

Organising Partners: CySecK & Sumeru

CySecK – as part of Samgacchadhwam series of webinars – is conducting a free webinar for students / faculty / working professionals on the topic “Theoretical Concept of DevSecOps”. This webinar will be conducted by Mr. Madhavan from Sumeru.

About webinar: This is a two part webinar wherein speaker will walk the audience through the DevSecOps process and details on how organizations can adapt to DevSecOps. The audience can expect to take away a good understanding of DevSecOps implementation, challenges and approach. The first part will cover the Theoretical concept of DevSecOps.

The first part will cover the Theoretical concept of DevSecOps and second part will be cover details on the technical implementation of DevSecOps.

Who is this for:

Security enthusiast looking to develop a basic understanding of DevSecOPs

DevOps team who are looking to introduce DevSecOps in their Organisation

Students who want to learn DevSecOps.

More details can be found: https://cs-coe.iisc.ac.in/portal/webinars/view/38

The session will be followed by Q&A and assessment test.

Certificate of achievement will be given to those who clear the assessment test and certification of participation for those who attend.