Online Webinar on "Cybersecurity : Emergence of software Defined Network" - Samgacchadhwam Series webinar 6

Date/s: 30 Apr 2020

Venue: Zoho

Organising Partners: CySecK & CISCO

CySecK – as part of Samgacchadhwam series of webinars – is conducting a free webinar for students / faculty / working professionals on the topic ” Cybersecurity : Emergence of software Defined Network “. This webinar is in partnership with Cisco.

Brief Introduction:

Software-defined networking (SDN) is an architecture designed to make a network more flexible and easier to manage. SDN centralizes management by abstracting the control plane from the data forwarding function in the discrete networking devices.

Target Audience:

Anyone with Basic programming knowledge and having a passion for automation and simplifying today’s and future networks

  1. Engineers with basic programming skills
  2. Network Administrators & Managers
  3. Data Centre Administrators & Managers

Benefits and Takeaways:

  1. Get the insight into the future of Networks.
  2. Understanding the power of automation to improve the response and service availability.
  3. Demystifying the complexities of network.
  4. Understanding how security plays a pivotal rule in SDN.

Date : 30th April 2020

Time : 4:30 to 6:00 pm

The session will be followed by Q&A and assessment test.

Certificate of achievement will be issued to those who clear the assessment test